The Rise of Smartphones

The rise of smartphones

Nearly every person these days has a smartphone. From the youngest members of the family, to the oldest. It won’t be a surprise when home phones are completely phased out, and smartphones will simply be called phones.

They Cisco Systems company made a press release (their annual event), giving their insight and overview as to how this traffic on mobile devices is going to affect us. Their report covers from 2014 to 2019, and the numbers that they are showing are downright staggering. They are predicting that mobile usage, data and traffic is going to increase over ten times what it currently is. What their research indicated is a little over 24 exabytes a month. Not sure what an Exabyte is? No surprise since it’s hardly ever used. An Exabyte (a single one) is exactly one billion gigabytes.

Now this consistent, if not persistent, growth can be attributed to many different factors after taking a close look at their numbers. Not only are they predicting that people will be owning more than one phone in the near future, but they assume that before 2020, nearly 70 percent of the world are going to be using mobile devices. That’s over 5.2 billion people! And even among that hefty number, you’ll see more that 4.5 billion of them with smartphones, while many are overlapping or only have standard feature phones. Of course, there’s even more to consider when you begin to throw in other mobile devices such as laptops that use wifi as well as tablets. The likelihood is that you’ll see more tablets than laptops, though.

Not only is this enormous growth in smartphones surprising, but it’s interesting as well. There is no doubt that they will be the main device not just for every household, but for every person. This is believed to happen even before 2020. Now, they tend to use significantly more data, so that’s where you’re going to see a majority of the traffic. One of the biggest culprits of data hogging will be video. It’s predicted to consume nearly 75% of the data seen in Cisco’s figures. Video streaming will be hitting an all time high as soon as 2018.

One of the most confounding things is not knowing how these are going to look. For so long we were obsessed with the idea that the smaller the phone, the better it is. Yet now, we are getting disturbingly close to nearly holding entire tablets to our ears. Devices that blur the line of phone and tablet have even been dubbed “phablets”! Once we were okay with something smaller than our palm but nearly as thick as a brick, but no longer. Phones are slowing reaching the same standards we hold to our televisions, even almost down to resolution size. They need to be bigger, but thinner. Our future will either take our mobile devices down a smaller, but thinner road, or eliminate the need for a physical device in your hands at all (example: Google glass). There are no limits to what the future holds!

Operating System Data Recovery

If we are talking about the Apple/Mac data recovery so there is a name can be highlight and it is which is providing you the best OS data recovery services. Because of their complexity iPhone and ipad can’t included in this data recovery category. But platinum data will shortly provide these services for the same devices. Apple/Mac having the different platform from the others and can’t accommodate by all data recovery services because they must have some important skills, technology, software’s or equipments to offer the best solutions for Apple/Mac data recovery. The same company already resolved many type of data recovery issues of Apple/Mac devices and products which are being irrecoverable by other recovery service companies.


Platinum data recovery offers two most likely types of data recovery:

• One is logical data recovery.
• Other is physical data recovery.
Lets we read more about these two:

Logical data recovery:

Logical failures are mostly the result of virus, malware or other type of malicious program. This logically failures may also happens by some user’s mistake like if a user accidently delete a file or folders for his computer system wrongly and format or reformat his drive or make other changes which will become the cause of lost of precious data and by all this reasons the components in storage device are unable to read.

Physical data recovery: Physical failures are not allowed any physical access or these devices but leave all important data intact on the same device. This physical failures are occurred when the device getting some physical damage like by falling, spoiled by the food and liquid material, exposed by the high temperatures, or affected by the outside elements which will bring a large amount of harm or failure to the same derive.

These are the two biggest problems which a user may face time to time because the usage of these devices is at the top position. It is more helpful to transferring the data from one computer system to another or shifts it from your work computer to home computer system. So now there is the turn of getting solutions to get rid of these all problems. Because of having the different platform from others Apple/Mac data recovery needs high skills, good technology and experience. It is also important to understand the usability of Apple products, their structure or equipments because all file system is unique.

macAn important of this data recovery is security and confidentiality. The data recovery company may know that the storage data is one of your personal, precious or priceless data so this is their duties to customize more secure system or confidential process which will be easy in use for all users in data recovery market.

Platinum data recovery is capable to handle all type of work like if your Apple/Mac device is being not responding so you must be stop to use it further. If you are using a damaged device consistently become the cause of total loss of Apple/Mac data so then recovery is not so easy. So now stop to use them and make a call to Platinum data recovery services.

How to recover lost or inaccessible files from your flash drive

We often store every data on the hard drives or flash based memory drives; these data can be either work related important files and data or plain memories or moments in the form of pictures, music, etc. But when that very data is lost?

sd card

Flash based memory storage

Recovering the files from flash drives isn’t that complicated after all. Flash memory is a data storage device that makes use of solid state memory to store the data. They offer numerous advantages over hard drive as they use memory chips  unlike hard drives that use rotating disks. This means that access time to the data is considerable faster when compared to the hard drives. The flash drive when compared to hard drives offer much greater resilience to any shock, temperature fluctuations, vibration, etc. they are unaffected by strong magnetic fields as well unlike hard drives.

usb memory drive

Common factors that may result in data loss from flash drive

Data loss from flash drive may be due to human errors like unintentional or accidentally deleting the data; formatting of the SD card, CF card (compact flash), XD card, USB stick, Micro SD or Memory Stick cards which may lead to data loss at some instances. File system corruption leading to the device to become inaccessible ultimately leading to data loss; virus attacks leading to loss of data. Registry errors or software malfunctions that crash the operating system resulting in data loss. Power failures at the time of transferring or copying the data can also lead to data loss.

The above mentioned causes may either result in partial or complete or permanent data loss. Any data loss can be easily retrieved from the flash memory by using any of the reliable data recovery software. But care must be taken to ensure that the drive is not overwritten as overwriting may result in permanent data loss.

Any of the data that you had deleted always remains in the flash memory device which can be easily recovered. In fact there are many recovery software in the market that is both free and paid ones. Such software also works effectively on hard drives, iPods, music players, USB devices, SD cards, XD cards, Memory Stick card and other flash based memory storage drives. You can select recovery software or an compact flash data recovery depending on the various devices it can recover data effectively.

Basic tips applicable for flash memory data recovery

Always copy the data to the flash memory storage device, whenever you can. If you are a photographer, heavily relying on CF cards or SD cards, purchase a camera that allows 2 slots of memory media, giving you a piece of mind and protection against possible data loss. If you fear of any data loss; immediately stop using the flash memory device.


Mobile technology – an era of innovation

Nowadays technological innovation has taken large type and we cannot discuss only about the small electronic because today this small type has taken big type. We can see every day new research is going on whether it is mobile phones or laptop. Nowadays we got the details that Google has released an automatic car and there is no need of car owner of this car it will function itself only. All these technological innovations are working with the help of technological innovation.

mbleEvaluation in technology

If we discuss the cellular so we can see different designs are arriving in the marketplace daily. And the cellular organizations are also providing numerous features to their clients. They are planning mobile phones according to customer specifications. They are trying to provide all the features to their clients. Mobile organizations are in opponents with each other and trying to provide better features to their customers in the evaluation to their challenger organization.

The organization which makes mobile phones if satisfying the customer’s specifications so it can maintain its lifestyle among its opponents otherwise later on that organization encounters trouble it might be experiencing the most severe upcoming. Mobile organizations are planning cellular but with that they will offer smart features and guarantees.

If we discuss the failing of any cellular organization, so as we know opponents among the organizations, if an organization is not able to understand needing the customers and using a similar operating system in their products, so it is not providing chance to that organization to develop. You need to be fast in the marketplace to develop yourself because on what level you want to achieve that then become forward and make changes in techniques because if the organization is not being attentive toward the changes so it would not be good for that organization.

Obtain music and video clips only from efficient site

Mobile cell phone fixing organizations usually offer tips and techniques in the brochure that they provided with mobile cell phone. In this brochure they usually offer details to secure your mobile cell phone from malware and inundating. It also provides some guidelines to keep clean your mobile cell phone. With the development in technology innovation protection and management are very important. Control is better but protection has not been verified today. Online hackers are also using technological innovation and they are implementing for your cellular SIM card to bring your individual confirmation code’s protection password type. They can secure it easily, but you can prevent your mobile cell phone from those hackers.

Using Mobile Technology 5To bring your individual details they will SMS you with the help of some equipment, but you need not to respond them first thing is this. If you are using financial features in your cellular so be cautious about that and change the protection password after a brief period. Nowadays not only mobile phones are using electronic program even there are so many technological innovations are arriving in industries such as ATM machines are using it too.